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The concept behind OfficeShare, was the idea that everone should be able to use an office suite, no matter where they are!
The entire suite is written as a server side program, with a web browser GUI. At present, this only works in Firefox, but with some code tweaking, it might work in IE6/IE7.

OfficeShare will, when completed, comprise of the following components:

Getting OfficeShare

Currently, only cjsrepos and web based repository access is provided.
To use cjsrepos, run the following command:
wget -O /usr/local/bin/cjsrepos && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cjsrepos
Web based repository address:
Checkout command:
cjsrepos officeshare

The cvs command given above will check out EVERYTHING! To check out, only one component, use the following command:
cjsrepos officeshare-<component>
where <component> is one of spreadshare, writeshare, postershare, presentationshare or databaseshare.
Only that component will be downloaded.